The IEC Online 4-Year Curriculum provides instructors with an online resource to promote effectiveness and efficiency in training offered at each chapter. The resources on this page provide tutorial videos and answers to frequently asked questions that are designed to get instructors up and running with minimal effort.

What content will be included as part of the online resources?

The IEC Online 4-Year Curriculum LMS and CMS are currently available for chapter use and are based on the updated curriculum materials available for sale.

The learning management system (LMS) provides instructors with an individual online class environment containing structured student assessment, gradebook, and course administration tools. As part of the LMS, the student worksheets are incorporated and pre-populated in the LMS to assist in grading homework. Other tools available include announcement bulletin boards and custom graded activities, including worksheets, exams, and class forums.

The content management system (CMS) provides instructors with the features of the LMS and also includes course content (including videos, review materials, and selected instructor resources). A unique feature of the CMS is real-time video conferencing, which allows instructors to conduct an online class and display webcam video, audio, and PowerPoint presentations to students.

Which years of the curriculum are available?

LMS courses are available for all 4 years of the IEC curriculum.

What costs are associated with using the IEC Online 4-Year Curriculum?

The IEC Online 4-Year Curriculum was built to make student assessment and course administration for instructors as user-friendly and cost-effective as possible.

For the LMS, IEC student kits include a voucher for a student LMS code that can be redeemed when instructors request an LMS course.

The cost for the CMS is $30 per student per academic year. If chapters wish to run semester courses, the cost for the CMS is $20 per student per academic semester.

How do I create a course?

For the LMS, an email request must be sent to The following information must be included to process the request:

    • Chapter name

    • Curriculum year
       Note: Please indicate if you want the course to be semester-based.

    • Instructor’s name

    • Instructor’s email address

    • Approximate number of students

For the CMS, chapters must purchase access for their students. After codes have been purchased, the CMS administrator will contact the purchaser in order to finalize the delivery of the CMS course.

How long will the online gradebook system store student grades?

Grades earned by each student and additional information input into the gradebook by the instructor for that student will be retained for a five-year period. It is recommended that chapters export and archive class grades and customized class content each year. See the tutorial video Using the Gradebook for more information.

How can class grades and chapter-developed material be exported for use in another system?

Chapters should export and archive class grades (and additional customized gradebook content) each year. Gradebook data is exportable as plaintext (CSV), OpenDocument (OpenOffice), XML, and Excel spreadsheet formats. See the tutorial video Exporting Grades for more information.

Chapter-developed material can be requested to be carried over from year-to-year by emailing

Does the LMS have an attendance tracking function?

An attendance function is available and will allow the entries of “present,” “absent,” “late,” or “excused.” Reports can be generated to indicate this information for each student.

Will the system be able to track OJT?

The primary function of the IEC LMS is supporting the training of IEC apprentices. On-the-job training (OJT) records are included as a non-graded field in the LMS/CMS gradebook. It is the responsibility of each instructor to maintain these records.

Does the system track student progress over the four-year program?

Each student’s progress can be easily tracked only within a specific curriculum year course. Student grades that require tracking over a longer period of time will require the use of other third-party applications.

Do students have access to their own grades?

Yes. Students will have full access to view their own grade records and any other custom gradebook entries that the instructor has entered for that student in real time.

Can the grades in the gradebook be weighted?

Yes, grades can be weighted. See the tutorial video Using Gradebook Categories for more information.

Does the system support CPS and other grade importing?

Grade importing is supported with some reformatting of the data to make it compatible with the online gradebook.

Where can IEC Online 4-Year Curriculum resources be purchased?

IEC Online 4-Year Curriculum resources can be purchased in one of the three following ways:

   1. Visit
   (Login credentials are required and can be obtained from IEC National or your local chapter.)

   2. Via telephone at 1-866-216-2002

   3. Via fax at 1-708-957-1101
   (The order form is available from IEC National or your local chapter.)